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"Electrical Lines" February 24, 2013 by Tom Gumbrecht

"How Climate Change Could Threaten, Transform LI" -, Sunday, February 24, 2013
Whether you think that global climate trends as a result of man-made changes are altering our weather, or that the trends are a result of a predictable, cyclical pattern of climate, one fact is not in dispute: Long Island continues to experience more severe weather than we had grown used to.

We can also agree on the fact
that the infrastructure is showing its age, and that given the current structure of our electric utility, most expect the condition of our power grid to worsen considerably before it gets better.

Increased severity of weather
plus a deteriorating electrical infrastructure paints a somewhat foreboding picture for LI. Some feel that the only solution its to reduce their dependency on a utility that has demonstrated its inability to cope with weather of the magnitude that is becoming the new normal. They are choosing to equip their homes and businesses with an automatic standby generating system.

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