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An Automatic Standby Power System is a significant investment. Experience counts. At Thoroughbred Power Systems, we offer you the benefit of our 30+ years in the electrical industry.

With the knowledge of regulations of municipal building departments, national and local electrical codes, requirements for fuel supply, as well as a full knowledge of product lines of different manufacturers, we are able to confidantly help you to make the correct choice for your system the first time!

Who you'll be Dealing With:


Tom Gumbrecht - Founder and President of our parent company, Thomas C. Gumbrecht, Inc (Electrical Contractors)

Licensed Master Electrician in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  

Engineering, Installations, Sales and Service.

28 years with our company.


Chris Kavanagh - Project Manager, Journeyman Electrician.    

Installations and Service  

25 years with our company.   


Joanne Urban - Office Manager and Administrative Support Person

Permits, Scheduling and Billing

11 years with our company.


"Competence  -  Cooperation  -  Commitment"

What you need.. what you deserve.. what we offer...